Farmgirlfit Spokane tips for avoiding holiday weight gain when temptation is everywhere

The struggle is real during the holiday season. To purchase gifts, decorate and avoid holiday weight gain with all the temptations of delicious food and treats!

At Farmgirlfit Spokane, they can’t help you with wrapping and party planning, but they can with staying healthy from Thanksgiving to New Years and beyond.

While it looks like a gym, it’s all about a lifestyle. Coaches are personal trainers. Instead of being one-on-one with clients, classes are taught in a group setting to provide a more supportive atmosphere and keep everyone accountable. Every workout can be modified to work with limitations and conformability. Classes involve squats, lifting, lunges and running, but they also focus on life outside of the Farmgirlfit walls.

Every workout can be done in the comfort of your own home. So if you are traveling for the holidays, or can’t find a babysitter, there’s no excuse. If you don’t have weights, grab a jug of milk! No at home gym? Take a walk or run outside, just like you’d do in the class.

It’s not just about the activity levels. Diet is important too. Coaches tell their students that it is OK to indulge on the holidays, but savor each bite. Before hitting a holiday party, drink an 8-ounce glass of water, and eat a healthier snack or meal so you don’t feel as tempted or overfill your plate.

If possible, reach for a smaller plate when hitting the dessert table. Better yet, bring an appetizer or dessert that fits in with your diet and lifestyle.

Does your break room at work get filled with cookies and candy during the holidays? Pack your own healthy snacks each day to avoid temptation.

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