Fans throw tailgate parties for Eastern’s home opener

Fans throw tailgate parties for Eastern’s home opener

Most would agree that there are three musts when it comes to tailgating: food and drinks, games and good company. At least that seemed to be the case on Saturday morning at Roos Field for the Eastern Washington University football home opener.

“It’s just something that my dad and my mom do,” Alex Bruder said. “This is what our fall revolves around… coming down for these games and supporting the team.”

Alex Bruder and his family were part of the thousands of fans that came out early to celebrate before the game began. At their tent, the barbecue was on and drinks were flowing. While they were waiting for kickoff, cornhole was the game of choice.

“A bag on the board is one point, in the hole is three points and first one to twenty one wins,” Bruder said.

While some tailgaters stuck with tradition, others deviated when it came to food.

“We are making breakfast,” Brandon Kenworthy said.

The birthday boy fed his group sausage, french toast and Bloody Marys. The tomato-based drink was a popular choice among tailgaters today. Claude Kistler’s teardrop trailer was loaded with various mixers to make the drink. He was willing to supply anyone of legal age with one.

“Open invitation,” Kistler said. “That’s kind of what tailgating is all about. Come out and meet new people.”

Which isn’t hard to do at Roos Field, especially since everyone had the same interest: celebrating the beginning of the Eagle’s season.