Family unsure about Kohberger’s connection to Moscow murder victims

SPOKANE, Wash. — The father of Kaylee Goncalves says the family felt like a weight was lifted when they heard about Bryan Kohberger’s arrest. The arrest came the same day as family and friends gathered to celebrate the lives of Kaylee and Madison Mogen on Friday.

“It felt like a cloud was lifted from us. It’s like seeing some sunlight after you’ve been stuck in a house for a month,” Steve Goncalves said.

Goncalves said he was unsure if there’s a direct connection from Kohberger to the victims, but believes more information will be coming out.

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It’s only the beginning of the judicial process, but the Goncalves family says they feel relief and comfort knowing a suspect in the killings of the four victims has been caught.

“It’s up to us as American citizens to make sure that we follow this case all the way through and we see some justice and we identify these people and we put checks and balances in there so we can get these people off the streets and just live great lives and not have small, few people taking advantage of all of our trust,” Goncalves said.

Goncalves says the family plans to be at each hearing when Kohberger comes back to Idaho.

Meanwhile, the Goncalves family attorney says he’ll continue to help and support the family.

“Got them through the judicial process, helping them out asking them any questions, figuring out how the prosecution’s defense and addressing all of those issues,” attorney Shanon Gray said.

They’re hopeful that Moscow Police have the right suspect in custody.

“The theme has always been that they kept a lot of information close to their vest that they not only want an arrest, but they want a conviction. So we’re hopeful that they’ve dotted all their I’s, and crossed all their T’s. I think everyone will be interested in what the probable cause affidavit says,” Gray said.

The affidavit will reveal key details in the case, but it will not be unsealed until Kohberger is in Idaho.

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