Family of cold case murder victim relieved to hear of arrest

Family of cold case murder victim relieved to hear of arrest

The family of murdered cold case victim Kathy Brisbois is reacting to the news that law enforcement now has a suspect in her slaying 22 years later.

Police have linked Donna Perry, formerly known as Douglas Perry with Kathy Brisbois’ murder.

When Richard Brisbois and Debra Bailey think of their sister Kathy Brisbois the first things that pop up aren’t her struggle with drugs.

Family of cold case murder victim relieved to hear of arrest

“She had a real beautiful personality to her,” said Richard Brisbois.

They also don’t think about the things she did to feed her addiction but rather the upcoming holidays.

“Cause that’s the last time I saw her was Christmas and we always had fun Christmas’ together,” said Bailey.

Twenty two years ago Kathy Brisbois’ body was found near the Spokane River. Just days before she told her brother she thought something bad was going to happen to her.

“The last time I seen her she was crying and was afraid of this person,” said Brisbois.

She didn’t say who but later detectives would find pieces of Douglas Perry on her.

“I knew back in 1990 that she had that under her fingernails and I was glad to see the DNA advance as much as it had,” said Bailey.

Kathy Brisbois didn’t go down without a fight.

“I’m glad my sister was the little scrapper that she was,” said Richard.

But as the years passed Brisbois’ family thought solving Kathy’s murder might have to fight through the label of prostitute as well as evidence.

“I didn’t think they were going to look as hard as they would for somebody else,” said Bailey.

But when they got the call last week they knew.

“She got the last word in she did it. She pulled it off,” said Brisbois.

Richard Brisbois says he wants his sister and the two other victims, Yolanda Sapp and Nickie Lowe to be remembered for who they were not what they did because they didn’t have the chance to write the last chapter in their lives.

“This is part of finishing her story. What we are doing now,” said Brisbois.
Donna Perry is currently in Spokane County Jail. She has not yet been charged with murder.