Family desperate to find missing Cheney teen

Family desperate to find missing Cheney teen

A Cheney family is desperately searching for their teenage daughter, missing since Thanksgiving.

On Tuesday evening, Liz Doucette and her family passed out fliers around Airway Heights and downtown Spokane, hoping someone would have a clue about where her daughter Jackie Doucette is.

“She’s out in the cold,” Doucette said. “I’m afraid she’s going to end up getting hypothermia.”

On Thanksgiving night, Jackie went out to look for the family’s cats. When her siblings came out looking for her thirty minutes later, Jackie was gone.

They immediately went looking for her in Cheney, Spokane, and Airway Heights.

Jackie has developmental limitations, including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and Conduct Disorder, and she has not taken her medication since she disappeared.

“She’s on medication and without the medication she starts getting bad thoughts and wanting to hurt people,” Doucette explained. “She really needs her medication. I just need Jackie to be home so I know she’s safe and she’s taking her medication, and she’s not going to hurt anyone or herself.”

Now that Jackie has been gone for so long, Liz can’t help but fear for the worst.

“I’m extremely worried, I’m extremely stressed,” she said. “I try not to think about the worst, but with these cold temperatures, how could you not?”

For now, all Liz can do to ease the fears is to keep looking.

“Jackie has family that loves her,” Liz said. “She’s our daughter, she’s their sister, she’s an aunt, she’s a niece, she’s a granddaughter. We just all want her home.”

Jackie’s family created a Facebook page dedicated to finding her.

Jackie may have been last seen in Airway Heights. When she was seen, she was wearing a pink jacket with a hood and white fur collar, and pink tennis shoes with purple polka dots.