Families spend time outdoors during last holiday weekend before school starts

SPOKANE, Wash. — Sunshine, camping and maybe even some time out on the water. It’s a perfect combination for the holiday weekend, the last one before summer’s over and kids go back to school.

During the pandemic, families have been taking advantage of the outdoors. While families say their kids enjoy it, they’re not sure what the rest of the year will have in store.

“We got a rambunctious crew,” said Hector Martinet, who spent the weekend camping at Riverside State Park.

He said they get outside every weekend.

“They [kids] can’t really be in the house because they’re all cooped up from being in the house all school year,” Martinet said.

A State Park volunteer said the campgrounds have been packed nearly every day since August.

Martinet said his kids don’t get sick of being outdoors, but he said he knows there’s not many other options.

“Just not so much of the usual activities that we can do with all the trampolines and the movie theaters being closed,” Martinet explained. “Chuck E. Cheese and the trampoline park is kinda the biggest hit cause that’s kinda the big treat for them.”

One business closing for the season is Fun Unlimited in downtown Spokane. They’re ending on a high note.

“From what I have heard, we’ve more than doubled our sales in business in Post Falls and here just cause everybody’s trying to get on the water like I said and just get out of their house,” said Spencer Jones, a manager at Fun Unlimited. ” I worked here last year and last year it was really, really busy, but this year it’s been even more busy this year.”

Summer is slowly coming to an end. Martinet said he’s not sure what the next few months will look like for his family.

“Anytime I talk to any other parents about what they’re doing, activities with their kids, I’m right there by behind them cause there’s such a limited amount of things to do,” Martinet said. “If it was winter, it would definitely feel like we were in a cave.”

For now, they’re going to get out in the sun whenever it’s shining in Spokane.

“The lake is the best place to be,” Martinet said. “It’s awesome that we have so many lucky spots around so close to us.”

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