Families share gratitude for Coats 4 Kids program

Volunteers started handing out jackets today in Spokane, marking the beginning of distribution across the Inland Northwest. All of these coats will be going home with families to make sure children aren’t cold this winter.

“It was like digging for treasure,” said mother Sheri Overman, “Nice heavy coats, yeah.”

She has been here before, and each time she is grateful.

“We came down because we need winter coats, thick winter coats,” she explained, “and our finances are really tight right now.”

That’s the story for Overman’s family and many others here. Families – moms, dads, kids – all crowded the Northeast Community Center to get warm, winter coats.

“There’s very cute stuff, super cute,” said another mom, Kiana Snook. She has two kids to shop for – a six-year-old and a three-year-old.

“I love them,” she said, laughing.

She knows what it’s like to worry, and to wonder what to do when winter nears.

“It’s just hard trying to afford all the expensive coats like these – I mean, Columbia, for crying out loud,” Snook said, inspecting one of the coats. “It’s hard, so it’s really helpful having help like this.”

It’s the kind of help you can appreciate no matter your age. And for parents, they are getting more than just a jacket. They’re getting peace of mind.

Big smiles because this cutie found a new, warm jacket at Coats 4 Kids. His family tells me this event is a huge help. #4NewsNow pic.twitter.com/iToVBhafo9

— Ariana Lake (@arianaKXLY) November 4, 2019

“I feel satisfied,” said Overman. “I felt my family’s been taking care of.”

That’s all any parent really wants. Sometimes it just takes a little help.

“If you guys need some help getting some coats, this is the place to do it,” said Snook.

Today marks the beginning of distribution in Spokane, and Coats 4 Kids will be at the West Central, Northeast and East Central Community Centers. Distribution is also ongoing in Spokane Valley, Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint.

You can find more information on our Coats 4 Kids page here.