Families brave the slick roads during record snowstorm

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — The Inland Northwest and North Idaho saw snow, and a lot of it! Wet conditions made it hard to drive, causing multiple crashes and slide-offs.

Some drivers didn’t think twice about turning around, like Kellogg resident Robert Linhart.

“Just used to it. We knew it was coming,” he said. “So far, so good. No problems with it.”

Others had second thoughts, like Jay Ostos. His family was traveling to Wisconsin from Seattle.

“We’ve been driving for the last four hours or five hours at 20-30 mph,” he said. “It’s pretty nerve wrecking, especially when you see trucks on the side and cars flipped and stuff.”

Kristel Kinder and her family started their journey in the Tri-Cities. They were heading to Montana.

“I knew it was supposed to snow,” Kinder said. “I didn’t realize it was supposed to snow this much so we kinda a little bit prepared for it.”

WSDOT and IDOT were plowing the roads all day, giving drivers a clear path. This didn’t stop some from crashing though.

Washington State Patrol responded to more than 100 crashes in District 4 since 5 a.m. Of those, 65 were in Spokane County. In North Idaho, troopers were called out to 16 crashes in a 12-hour timeframe. They also went to about 38 slide-offs.

Kinder happily handed over the driving duties.

“I grew up in Montana, but I have grown out of driving in the snow so now I’m not very good,” she explained. “My husband does all the driving.”

No matter if you’re from sunny Florida or snowy Washington, driving slow is the way to go.

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