Fame Of Spitzer Call Girl Grows, Fueling Prospects For Cashing In

NEW YORK (AP) — Potential legal trouble or not, the aspiring musician who’s been identified as Eliot Spitzer’s call girl is getting a lot of exposure for her music.

Visitors have flocked to Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s MySpace page to view her photos, hear her music and read her bio. The information was taken down Thursday, but not until the page had received more than five million hits.

Dupree had also posted two songs on the music-sharing Aime Street. As of last night, her dance tunes “What We Want” and “Move ya Body” had been listened to by some 200,000. Downloads were selling for 98 cents, and the site allows musicians a 70 percent cut of the fees.

She’s also been getting some radio play. The program director at New York’s Z-100 says “after the first play a lot of the reaction was negative,” but after the second one, people started saying “that song’s not bad” and requesting it again.