Fairchild Air Force Base tankers, airmen deploy to Germany

SPOKANE, Wash.- About 150 personnel and four KC-135 Stratotankers arrived at the Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany last Wednesday. The deployment is with the full cooperation of the German government and coordination with host nations and NATO military leaders.

“We’re basically that gas station in the air so we can provide consistent coverage for fighter aircraft over that eastern flank,” Fairchild Air Force Commander Colonel Cassius T. Bentley III said.

Their mission is to augment existing U.S. Forces in what’s known as “the theater” near, but not in Ukraine, protecting NATO’s eastern flank. Fairchild is home to four KC-35 squadrons.

“At Fairchild, we’re the supertanker wing and we understand we have a great responsibility,” Bentley said.

Fairchild leaders said the deployment is temporary. It was made to improve readiness, enhance NATO’s collective defense posture, and further capabilities with allied and partner nations.

“I just talked to the commander, morales are high and doing missions already, we’re excited to support our ally partners,” Bentley said.

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