Fairchild Air Force Base successfully launches 20-jet take-off

Fair Child Air Force Jet Take Off Sept 29 2021

FAIRCHILD, Wash. — Fairchild Air Force Base has successfully launched 20 jets using procedures meant to reduce time between launches.

The 92nd Air Refueling Wing at Fairchild successfully launched a 20-ship minimum interval take-off (MITO) Wednesday afternoon.

“This was an impressive feat boasting the largest take-off of a KC-135 fleet at Fairchild Air Force Base,” the air force base said. “Today we launched more Refuelers than are owned by whole countries.”

MITO reduces the amount of time between aircraft launches and automatically positions the jets in a standard group formation once airborne, according to the air force base. They added MITO is a vital part of a regular aircrew training regimen.


Before taking off, the jets lined up in an “elephant walk” on the runway. The air force base said the MITO was part of a proficiency and readiness exercise. It sought to validate their maintenance generation and operational capabilities to launch multiple aircraft using MITO procedures.

“This capability showcases the readiness of the 92nd Air Refueling Wing aircrew and our 60 plus year old aircraft fleet,” the air force base said.

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