Extreme Team Shows Off Its Work To Sevier Family

SPOKANE VALLEY — It took 72 hours, gallons of paint, yards of carpet, and a lot of people power, but the Sevier family is enjoying their newly remodeled home, thanks to the KXLY4 Extreme Team.

The Extreme Team worked on the home in Spokane Valley for three days. It was to help out Julie Sevier, who has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments to help with lupus.

She and her two boys, Marcus and Michael, were shown the significant work that had been done with their home by the Extreme Team on Thursday night. The rooms were given fresh coats of paint and new carpet, the bathroom was given a total makeover and new beds and other furniture was brught in to replace what they had.

Watch as Julie, Marcus and Michael Sevier get the grand tour of their “new” home.