Extreme Team Helps The Red Cross

During the month of February we use the word “love” a lot.

Valentine’s day, heart awareness, the red dress campaign — all projects and days in which we give to others, show our love and raise awareness.

And KXLY4 is giving back this month to an organization that gives back, shows love and raises awareness 365 days a year — the Inland Northwest Chapter of the American Red Cross.

In 2006 and 2007 this chapter responded to 190 local disasters, and helped nearly 500 individuals with other emergencies.

One of the families they helped so far this year is a family that is serving our country.

Two and a half years ago they were in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Gulf Coast.

This summer they helped the hundreds of families who lost their homes in the California wildfires.

Here in the Inland Northwest the American Red Cross offers comfort and assistance to any family who needs them.

Something the Morrow family found out this winter.

“I started having pelvic pain that is not normal, at least not normal for my first three, and it got to where I couldn’t stand up and do the dishes,” Deborah Morrow said.

Specialist Lucas Morrow was serving with his unit in Iraq when his wife started having problems with her fourth pregnancy.

“Debbie’s a strong lady. She tries very hard. She downplays everything to get people not to worry,” Lucas Morrow said.

And after downplaying her pain and a number of doctor visits, Deborah went into the Red Cross where she met Lyle O’Neel.

“365 days a year 24 hours a day there is a phone if you will that connects any military personel with their family through the red cross,” O’Neel said.

O’Neel and the Inland Northwest Red Cross helped to activate the armed forces emergency system, or AFES, and within four days of receiving his emergency medical leave, Specialist Morrow was on his way home to be with Deborah for the remainder of her pregnancy.

“I was really appreciative for the Red Cross, the churches, everybody that helped out where ever they could help out,” Deborah Morrow said.

During the last fiscal year the Inland Northwest Chapter of the American Red Cross provided emergency connections for more than 700 military families.

They also provided help after 171 residential fires, Educated the community on health and safety through  C.P.R.,  A.E.D.  and life guard training.

All things that couldn’t be done without the 367 volunteers that contributed nearly 12,000 hours of their time.