Extreme Team Helps Get Home Ready For Injured Vet

SPOKANE VALLEY — The KXLY4 Extreme Team jumped into action this week help an injured Iraq war vet from Spokane Valley who’ll be returning home soon.

Last February, a roadside bomb hit the vehicle in which Wes Hixon was ridng. The blast left Hixon in critical condition, with his spine fractured in 50 places.

Sitting in the tangled wreckage of his vehicle, he remembers hearing other soldiers saying, “leave Hixon, he’s already dead.” But he survived and his mom says he has his whole life in front of him.

The Extreme Team started on Wednesday, when they knocked down the old porch and tearing up the old sidewalk to the front door of Hixon’s home. They wanted to make sure the new sidewalk was wide enough for his wheelchair, wide enough so he can roll around the corner of his home and make sure he could get up to his porch and get into his house with little effort.

On Thursday, three builders from the Spokane Home Builders Association poured concrete and laid out the new sidewalk. They also built the new patio and ramp to the door of Hixon’s home.

Thursday was a big day for Hixon, as he received the Purple Heart.  He will return home on October 2, and a fundraiser to help raise money for his travel and living costs will be October 3 at the Mirabeau Park Hotel in Spokane Valley.