Extreme Team: Girls Scouts Big Give Week In Review

SPOKANE — The KXLY4 Extreme Team has finished their Big Give project. The Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and North Idaho will surely appreciate their new “Oasis”.

The Extreme Team spent the entire week on Project Oasis, a project to provide a courtyard for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and North Idaho that would connect their main building with their hostel, a place for troops or out of town guests to stay. One that is safe, welcoming, and functional for the thousands of girls that are part of this organization.

Day one, last Monday was a wet one in West Central Spokane, which made for a bit of a mess for the crews, but the Cats didn’t mind the rain as they moved pavement debris to make way for landscaping.

The middle of the week, Wednesday, meant a lot of work on the deck, which wasn’t even close to being done. The landscaping started, the pavers started getting laid, and the fencing posts were dug so the fence could get put in.

On Thursday the crews put the overlay on the parking lot giving it a nice fresh look. They also continued to work on the deck, starting work on the pergola, and did a bit more landscaping. All projects that couldn’t have been done without the help of the weather.

Friday meant that last big work day. The fence posts were set and landscaping finished around them. The deck got the finishing touches which include benches for the girls to sit on, a wheelchair ramp, and siding that completely surrounds the area for their safety.

All the improvements will go to help these girls become accomplished leaders in their communities.