Extreme Team Day 4: Grand reveal of Carl Maxey Center renovations

SPOKANE, Wash. — Mark Peterson and the Extreme Team have been hard at work completing the new library for the Carl Maxey Center.

The team started the project on Monday, and have since installed new electrical wiring and plumbing, new cabinets, floors, and much more.

This library was built in remembrance of Sandy Williams, a civil rights activist from Spokane and the executive director of the Carl Maxey Center. She was tragically killed in a seaplane crash on the Puget Sound in September.

Williams also wanted to redesign the patio to give families a place to relax when they visit the center, which the Extreme Team also worked on.

“This is the gathering place that she wanted,” said Rick Williams, Sandy’s brother.

After months of planning and a week of hard work from volunteers, the project is finally finished!

You can check out the previous progress from this week here:

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