Expect extra police presence during Spokane’s St. Patrick’s Day parade

It’s the weekend to enjoy a bit of the luck of the Irish and a weekend of celebration in Spokane, but to make sure that celebration doesn’t get too out of hand, Spokane Police say they will have extra patrols and officers out and about this weekend.

“You should be able to find uniformed police officers or volunteers at just about every corner of the parade route, and some behind the scenes procedures implemented as well,” said Spokane Police Dept. spokesman Terry Preuninger.

He says the department is advising everyone to take extra precaution as they head into what will likely be a busy downtown Saturday afternoon. To help ensure the safety of people attending as well as those that are in the area, officials are asking for the community’s help with following a few safety tips:

Be aware of your surroundings.
Immediately report suspicious activity to law enforcement officials.
Never leave children unattended.
Lock ALL vehicle doors and secure windows. If possible use a vehicle anti-theft device.
Do not leave any valuables in vehicles.
Carry purses and wallets on you and in a safe place.
Choose an alternative route to avoid congestion if you do not need to be downtown.
Take public transportation if you can.
Drivers should slow down and be aware of extra pedestrian activity.
Pedestrians should exercise extra caution and watch for traffic.
Remember the Washington/Stevens Street couplet is not a pedestrian zone.
Do not leave purses or bags unattended.
Animals are prohibited during special events, so please leave them at home (service animals are permitted).
Remember open containers are not allowed.

Officer Preuninger also notes that there will be extra traffic enforcement as well, so if you are thinking about driving under the influence, don’t.

“Be smart, Saint Patrick’s Day has a little bit of an increasing compared to other festivities downtown,” he said, “try not to let your good time intrude on someone else’s.”

For more information on the route, click here.

For more information on road closures, click here.

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