Even more questions coming from University of Idaho homicide investigation

MOSCOW, ID. — Four families that should be planning Thanksgiving dinner are now planning their childrens’ funerals instead.

Latah County Coroner Cathy Mabbutt said the deaths of Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, Ethan Chapin and Kaylee Goncalves — four University of Idaho students who were killed over the weekend — is one of the most traumatic deaths she’s ever experienced.

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On Tuesday, there is very little new information from the Moscow Police Department. Investigators did say they believe an “edged weapon” such as a knife was used in the killing.

It’s been three days and the crime scene hasn’t changed. An officer is watching the home where it happened 24/7. Police still don’t have a suspect or a weapon, and something that happened earlier today may make finding the weapon harder.

Waste crews cleared out a dumpster on Tuesday, and police stopped the trash truck from going any further. Police would not comment on the trash removal or anything else in the homicide investigation.

“There’s quite a bit of blood in the apartment and it was a pretty traumatic scene to find four dead college students in a residence,” Mabbutt said.

Mabbutt is commenting on what happened, saying the scene she saw Sunday night was gruesome, and any new clues are needed for this investigation.

“There could be some evidence of the suspect that we get during the autopsies which would be helpful,” Mabbutt said.

The bodies are now in Spokane County, with autopsies scheduled for Wednesday.

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“So many different stories ]are] starting to be created,” Colt Sherrell, a student at the university, said.

U of I students just want answers. A group of students on the U of I golf team say the lack of communication from police is doing everything but calming concerns.

“I think the confusion for all of us has only heightened in the last couple [of] days, especially,” Thomas Patterson, a U of I student, said.

This small, tight-knit Moscow community is now shattered by these homicides before the holidays.

The FBI from Salt Lake City is now assisting local police with their investigation. Still, they also aren’t commenting, saying they aren’t in the lead agency.

4 News Now will continue to ask questions and work to find answers as this community grieves and confusion continues.

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