Estate Sale To Auction Off American History

MEDICAL LAKE — Several pieces of American History will be auctioned off this weekend in Medical Lake at an estate sale.

Phillip grub was a consultant to Presidents Johnson, Ford, and Nixon, and collected many items from around the world.

His brother, Carl Grub, has lived in Medical Lake his entire life, and he was happy to see Phillip follow a life of politics and history.

“Pretty intelligent, I’d say, he was smart enough to get out of Medical Lake,” Carl said. “I can’t claim the same.”

Phillip passed away in April after a bout with cancer, and now his family is auctioning off the stuff he loved.

“He loved to collect things, and he liked nice things,” Carl said.

Items like bronze warrior statues, intricate wood carvings, bohemian glass, and Phillip’s favorite 1935 Steinway will be sold this weekend to benefit a non-profit youth ranch being built out in Medical Lake.

“This would fit right in with his plans,” Carl said. “He’s given a lot of money to the colleges.”

Phillip Grub is listed in the 2007 edition of who’s who in the world. He’s published 20 books, was a director of international business at George Washington University in Washington D.C.

“He was also a personal friend of the late Shah of Iran,” Carl said. “He used to stay in the palace over there, when he visited Iran.”

His area of expertise was Southeast Asia and this is reflected in his immense collection. However, when Phillip was done traveling the world he decided to return home.

“When he retired he came out here, and had a house built, and put all his stuff in it,” Carl said.

A preview of the auction will be held Friday and Saturday at Owen’s & Company Auction House in Spokane Valley. The actual auction is scheduled for Sunday morning at 10:00.