Enjoy today’s sun, winds and thunderstorms likely on the way – Mark

Take today to get outside, because some disruptive weather is on the way.

Here’s what you need to know: The sun will stick around today, but winds will start to kick up tonight into Thursday. Expect winds between 35 and 45 mphs from the Columbia Basin into Spokane.

This could cause travel issues because of blowing dust. It also makes for an increased chance of fire danger.

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We’re also expecting some brief, heavy rains, meaning we could see some isolated thunderstorms to the north of Spokane and up into Colville and Omak.

Things will start to calm down on Friday, but it will be cooler.

Fortunately, the weather turns beautiful for the long weekend. We’re anticipating low 70s Saturday then near-80 Sunday and warmer Monday. 90s are in the forecast for next week!

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