Emergency Responders Want More Room On The Roads

SPOKANE VALLEY — Drivers in Washington State are required to make way for emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road, and the Spokane Valley Police and the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office want to make sure we all know.

Officers were using an emphasis patrol on Wednesday to target drivers who don’t move over for emergency vehicles like patrol cars, ambulances and fire trucks.

Law enforcement agencies in Spokane are trying to stop dangerous situations where emergency responders could be injured or even killed, so for one day, Spokane Valley Police and Sheriff’s motorcycle officers focused their emphasis patrol on two areas in the Spokane Valley.

“We’re working the Appleway corridor mostly between park and Dishman-Mica-Argonne, and then we’ll move out on Trent east of Sullivan,” Lt. Gary Smith with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office said.

They were on the look out for drivers breaking a state law.

If you see a stopped emergency vehicle and happen to be driving by on a multi-lane roadway – you’re required by law to steer-clear.

“They have to slow down, if it’s a multiple lane road like it is here, then move over into another lane away from the officer,” Smith said.

 Wednesday’s patrol lasted four hours and about 10 units took part. Drivers that ignore the state law face at least a $124 ticket.