Embattled Police Officer Faces Accuser In Court

SPOKANE — A Medical Lake Police Officer suspected of sexually assaulting a co-worker faced his accuser in court Friday morning.

In court the victim, a 24-year-old woman and employee of the city of Medical Lake, claimed Medical Lake Police Sergeant Joe Mehrens felt her breasts under the guise of removing a spill from her blouse.

After the woman testified Sergeant Mehrens then took the stand in his defense and denied touching the woman, saying he simply pointed out the spill and nothing more.

“I said you spilled on yourself. She looked down like this, looked back and fourth and said Where?’ I walked up and I pointed from a short distance away and I said right here,” he said.

Judge Mark Kim then said he had not heard enough evidence to warrant a temporary protection order and lifted it, which could have cleared the way for Mehrens to return to duty.

That won’t be the case however since shortly after the court hearing officials in Medical Lake decided that Mehrens needs to stay on paid administrative leave until prosecutors decide if they want to press charges against him in this case.