Elon Musk in 2022: cars, tunnels, and robots, oh my!

Credit: Liesa Johannssen, Koppitz/Bloomberg/Getty Images

SPOKANE, Wash. — Elon Musk and his companies have been on an innovating hot streak lately, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

While his main focus stays on the Tesla brand, Musk has so many other companies planning to unveil different projects. Apart from releasing the Tesla Cybertruck and Semi, Musk has other priorities this year, many of which seem so far-fetched.

Just recently, Musk’s “The Boring Company” opened the Las Vegas Convention Center loop. It’s basically a subway system only run on Teslas. The company dug out a 1.7-mile underground tunnel, just wide enough for the Teslas to fit through. The electric cars operate like a taxi service, driving passengers from one end of the convention center to the other.

Nevada’s Clark County approved plans for the Boring Company to make the loop into a much larger scale under the entire Las Vegas strip. It will likely take many years for them to complete the full project, so for now the LVCC loop is the prototype and will stay open for Vegas conventions.

But the Vegas loop is not the only thing on Musk’s checklist for 2022. He also plans to introduce robots to the Tesla brand.

That’s right, a human-sized Tesla Bot could become available for purchase in the distant future. Musk said he will showcase a fully-functioning prototype by next year.

The robots will have the same artificial intelligence installed in Tesla cars, equipped with basic motor functions and object detection. However, there is much uncertainty on what the robots will exactly be capable of, or whether Tesla can even meet Musk’s deadline.

But robots and tunnels have not made the same headlines as Musk’s other controversial company, Neuralink.

Many do not even want to think about Neuralink’s existence, as putting a computer chip in someone’s brain seems seriously dystopian. But that is exactly what they plan to do: pairing technology with the human brain. While there is much progress to be made on Neuralink too, they apparently have a prototype ready for anyone willing to get fitted with a chip in their brain.

The ability to download and replay memories seems scary to many, but some are all for it. But like most other Musk projects, there is a lot of grey area as to what Neuralink’s end goal is. It will also be a very long time before their brain chips are available on the market.

Musk and his companies plan for a technology-powered future, making experimental products seemingly every year. SpaceX, Musk’s space company, is firing new rockets so often that they can now land themselves. His plans to colonize Mars is a long ways away though.

There’s no doubt that Elon’s an entrepreneur, but there is a question over whether he is doing too much, or has even gone too far.