Elizabeth Warren says she won’t get ‘Hillary’d’ in 2020

Elizabeth Warren says she won’t get ‘Hillary’d’ in 2020
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has no intention of being “Hillary’d” in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

That was the phrase, used as shorthand by a student asking about sexist attacks during a CNN town hall Monday night, that prompted Warren to recall her successful 2012 campaign to unseat Republican Sen. Scott Brown.

It was a campaign, Warren said, that almost never happened. Democrats were telling her she ought to run, that she’d make a great senator. But there was a catch: Most of them were confident Warren would lose, and didn’t mind telling her.

“I heard that,” Warren remembered on Monday, “as ‘Get in this race, right now.’ Which is what I did.”

Warren defeated Brown handily, after some controversial early news coverage, continuing an ascent that led her into this 2020 presidential primary — after being reelected to the Senate comfortably last year.

The road ahead, Warren continued, looked a lot like what came before.

“So the way I see it,” she said, “is here we are in a presidential (campaign), and it’s the same kind of — you stay after it every day. One might say you persist.”

Warren also shared her blueprint.

“Organize, build a grassroots movement, fight for working people,” she said. “And that’s how I’m going to be the first woman elected president of the United States.”

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