Eichelberger’s Work Ethic Inspiring Teammates

PULLMAN — There’s been many changes to the Washington State Cougar football program since 2004, but fifth-year senior Matt Eichelberger has made the best of it. He’s even made changes of his own.

“It’s like almost starting all over fresh, fresh heat,” he says, “so it’s really important I get off on a good note. So I lost weight, got down, got slim, so I’d get off on a good foot, and they were really impressed with me once I lost my weight.

Losing weight was important to Eichelberger, but it was also important to his teammates, for the simple fact that he’s showed pure determination, a trait that these younger players could use throughout their time at Washington State.

All the other players see how far he’s come,” says WSU defensive line coach Malick Roberson, “and some of them are inspired by the hard work that he’s displayed and the shape he’s gotten himself in.”

Now that Eichelberger has lost the weight and understand what it takes to win, he’ll continue to share this with his teammates and even a little more.

“I think what I bring to the team, besides everyone else, is my jokes,” he says. “But I’m that calm head, I’m not always like Ahi Amau and always jumping around, but I’m trying to keep everyone one calm and focused.”

To stay focused is just what these Cougs need to do throughout the rest of the 2008 season, and Eichelberger says he’ll continue to preach it throughout the year.