Early season winter event! Cold, snow and a Winter Storm Watch -Kris

Two weeks ago today, it was 82° in Spokane. After only a handful of “typical fall” days, we’re going from sweater weather to parkas and snow boots.  You’ll really feel the difference Thursday morning.  Temperatures will start out in the lower 20s, which will make it the coldest morning of the season so far by 10 degrees!  It will be pretty fall day, with relatively light winds and beautiful blue skies.  High temperatures will top out in the mid 40s, which is about 10 degrees below average.  But we’re just getting started…

Thursday Planner  4 Things To Know

A WINTER STORM WATCH has already been issued for Friday.  Wide-spread measurable snow is expected.  Plan on a slick Friday evening commute, possible broke tree limbs from heavy snow, possible power outages, and then record-low temperatures for a wintry weekend.  Meanwhile, windy conditions will make it feel even colder.

Winter Storm Watch    Storm Impacts

Next week, expect dry conditions.  Temperatures will climb out of record territory, but they will remain well below average.

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