Eags fans brave the cold

Eags fans brave the cold

Temperatures are dropping to the single digits, but Eagles fans are braving the bitter cold temperatures for Saturday’s semifinal football game against Youngstown State.

“We’re here and it’s like -5 degrees so I would say that’s pretty hardcore,” said Nick Fell.

“On a scale of 1-10, I feel about a -10,” said Quincey Landingham, a fan from Berkeley, California.

“I’m freezing right now!” said Cory Erickson.

Some made sure they came dressed appropriately.

“I’m a little warm right now. I think I put too many layers on. I am wearing 6 layers and some ski goggles.

It doesn’t look pretty but it gets the job done,” said EWU alum Clint Quinn.

Luckily for fans, Rees eCourt was open as a warming station two hours before kickoff and at halftime. Eastern Washington University’s concessions is also offering free coffee and cocoa.

Yet fans who opted to be outside made most of the bitter cold temperatures by creating their own snow slides, and roasting marshmallows.

Two football fans came from Berkeley, California yesterday to watch their family member, Freshman Antoine Custer Jr. (#28) play in the game.

“It’s like a 90 degree difference. Today is a different cold. It gets you to your bone,” said they player’s father, Antoine Custer.

“Maybe if I get something warm in me, you know, things will change,”Landingham said.

They all agree they wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

“The whole atmosphere of tailgating it brings its own energy,” Custer said.

“You can sit at home that is great, but the atmosphere is great up here. I love it up here at this school,” Erickson said.