Eager golfers descend on the Creek at Qualchan for opening day

The City of Spokane opening its public golf courses is one of the signs of warm weather and longer days to come.

On Wednesday, 125 golfers decided to take full advantage of the beautiful, first full day of spring and hit the links at the Creek at Qualchan for opening day.

Maintenance staff worked around the clock for the last month to get the course ready for golfers’ first tee off of the season. The late March opening is pretty typical for Qualchan, but as the greens experience frost-covered mornings, golfers won’t get the chance to hit the links until 9 a.m. Soon, that will change.

“Once we get to April we will open earlier and earlier and we are booking a week in advance which is our normal tee time policy so we are acting like its the full season,” explained Director of Golf for the Creek at Qualchan Mark Gardner.

The course has a free app for your phone that allows you to plan your golfing strategy and order food as you play.

“New golf carts are on their way right now,” added Gardner. “We’ve got a new, high-efficient, low, quiet gas carts that should be here by the first of April that will really reduce the noise when you are out playing on the course.”

The City has three other public courses. Esmeralda and Down River opened for the season earlier in March. Indian Canyon’s driving range is open daily. The full course opening date is still to be determined.

Gardner says if you want to get the most bang for buck this golf season, invest in the 4-city course discount card. It saves you $7 every time you play. Seniors can save as much as $9 each time.

The pro shop at Qualchan says it’s going to be one special season as they continue to book fun events for the family and tournaments,