‘There were definitely angels inside’: Mother of Dutch Bros. worker pinned inside during crash speaks out

SPOKANE, Wash. — It will be a long road to recovery for everyone involved in the horrific crash on Freya last Friday. A dump truck slammed into two buildings, including a Dutch Bros. coffee stand.

There were employees inside at the time of the crash, but luckily, everyone made it out alive.

Chelsea Ross was working when the crash happened.  She was pinned inside and couldn’t walk, but onlookers rushed to her safety. They pulled her out before crews took her to Sacred Heart for surgery.

“They didn’t hear it coming. They didn’t have any time to plan,” said Michelle Ross, Chelsea’s mom. “There were definitely angels inside with them, on the outside with the other people watching over them.”

Chelsea has been working at Dutch Bros for around two years. This was her first job and somewhere she always wanted to work.

She had to have surgery for a fracture and bone puncture. While her body will heal, her mom says it’s the emotional trauma and fear she’s most worried about.

“Everybody involved is going to be traumatized by this for a while. Even just the people who saw it happen,” Michelle said. “It’s going to be a very, very, very long process for her emotionally, physically and dealing with this for the rest of her life.”

Local Mom Rejoices Daughter Survives Crash

Chelsea Ross, 21, has a long road to recovery following the crash at the Dutch Bros she was working at.

The man behind the wheel, McGavin Medrain, was arrested for a DUI and charged with vehicular assault. He was in court on Monday where a judge set his bond for $250,000. This isn’t his first charge. He was on parole in Idaho for another drug-related charge when the crash happened. Attorneys also say he had a long history of DUIs and recklessly driving commercial vehicles.

Chelsea is on the road to recovery, and her mom can only thank everyone who was there to save her daughter.

“Everyone who stepped up, who prayed with my daughter, who held her hand, who pulled her out of the building, we are so appreciative,” she said. “We really just want to make sure they know, we know they were there.”

Dutch Bros. owners have set up counseling for everyone trying to recover from this trauma. Employees will work at other locations across the city while the Freya location is rebuilt.

If you want to help the Ross family with recovery expenses, click HERE.

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