Dry weather puts a damper on camping season

The fire danger in Washington has been elevated to very high and that means campers at Riverside State Park will have to go without roasting marshmallows over an open fire.

The elevated fire danger means campers can only use propane stoves. Charcoal barbeque and open campfire pits using wood are not allowed under the current burn ban.

“I mean it’s kind of a bummer but I guess if it’s for safety it makes sense,” said Rachel Schmaunder, camping at Riverside State Park.

“It’s hot out here so we don’t want everything to catch on fire,” said Schmaunder.

Rachel Schmaunder and her friend, Emily drove from Everett, WA to enjoy a weekend of camping at Bowl and Pitcher Campground.

They didn’t know about the burn ban until they arrived at their campsite Friday afternoon.

“It’s just role with the punches. I mean we got here and it was 94 so hopefully it will stay warm throughout the night that we wont need a fire but, we will see, we brought extra blankets,” said Schmaunder.

The Nuyt family of Alberta, Canada made bow-tie pasta, broccoli and sausages for dinner using a propane stove.

Cedric Nuyt hoped to have a campfire on the last night of his family vacation.

“I like fires. I like sitting around the fire with my family and everything,” said Cedric Nuyt.