Dry Fly crafting unique distilled spirits, one bottle at a time

Buying “American made” this Christmas season can pump millions of dollar into our struggling economy, and put people back to work, while buying “Made in the Northwest” can help our local economy even more.

One of those local businesses is Dry Fly Distillery, which got its start on a river. The owners of Dry Fly are avid fisherman and their fishing trips ended up flourishing into a one of kind distillery

“We decided we could make better things to relax with than we brought,” he said.

The owners, Don Poffenroth and Kent Fleischmann, started putting everything in motion seven years ago.

“We do our best to really focus on a local approach to manufacturing liquor,” Don said.

Making sure what’s inside the bottle reigns supreme.

“Generally the production of alcohol is about quantity not quality so we take a totally different approach and focus on quality,” Don said.

Their key ingredient – grain – comes from a homestead farm 30 miles outside of town.

“We try to stay 100-percent Washington grown and raw material,” Don said. “Our job really is to get out of the way of the great flavor those gains produce and allow them to come through.”

On any given day, you’ll find Don busy testing and tasting, taking pride in being locally made.

“The great thing about it, especially given the fact that we use all locally raw materials, is that your money stays here and it helps our economy,” he said.

People have latched on to this home grown approach and there’s no doubt about it that Spokane has taken to Dry Fly hook, line and sinker.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have community support that’s not like any other business I have ever seen before,” Don said.

“When your objective is to taste something great there’s only one choice and that’s Dry Fly,” he added.