Dr. Bob Lutz has not submit resignation, despite requests to do so

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz did not submit his resignation on Friday, despite a request from the health district’s administrative officer to do so. 

Administrative Officer Amelia Clark announced Friday Lutz is no longer serving as Spokane County’s health officer, but would not give specifics. The announcement about Lutz’s supposed left more questions than answers. 

Clark initially said the Health Board asked him to step down, then later told 4 News Now it was her who asked, specifically. 

Clark didn’t clarify if Lutz was asked to resign or if he was terminated. During the press conference, the district hung up on reporters as they were asking questions on how he would be replaced. 

City Council President Breean Beggs says, in order to properly terminate Lutz, the SRHD Board must vote during a scheduled meeting that is required to be open to the public.

“I look forward to the required public board meeting when I can address the merits of the situation as I see it from my perspective and on behalf of the City of Spokane which I represent on the Health Board,” said Beggs.

Beggs called the news of Lutz’s forced resignation “unexpected.” You can read more of his response HERE.

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