Downtown Spokane library to relocate to STA Plaza for two years during construction

The downtown Spokane and Shadle library branches are set to close for renovations within the next few months and all those books have to go somewhere. Turns out, the collection from the downtown branch will shift over to the STA Plaza for about two years starting in March.

The Shadle branch will close its doors for construction December 22nd and will shift to a temporary location at the Northtown Mall on January 2nd, while the downtown branch will close on February 29th with its temporary location opening on the second floor of the STA Plaza March 2nd.

Voters passed a $77 million library bond last November, which will pay for the renovations and upgrades to these branches and others, and will also pay for the construction of three new libraries.

Now, library employees are working to shift collections from the downtown and Shadle branches elsewhere. Marketing and communications director Amanda Donovan told 4 News Now they haven’t quite figured out what to do with all the books downtown, but are in the middle of shifting the Shadle collection to other branches.

Donovan said the library is doing its best to stretch your money the best they can.

“One thing that we’re doing is using taxpayer funds very efficiently. STA has been an amazing partner for us,” Donovan said. “They’re offering us the space for the cost of utilities and operations in the space, so I mean, it’s really a win-win for us, for STA and the taxpayers.”

Donovan said the Shadle branch will open late 2021, while the downtown branch will be ready for readers at the beginning of 2022.

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