Dorian’s Will Rebuild Photography Business

SPOKANE — One of the tenant business in the Joel Building is Dorian’s Photography Studio and Thursday night the Mark family is stunned that their 94-year-old business was wiped out so quickly.

Early in the afternoon the family issued the following statement:

The Mark family has been running Dorian’s since 1971. Dorian’s is well-known not only in Spokane but around the west and right now its impossible for the owners to comprehend just how fast their successful business could be destroyed.

“They’re all nice people, the best company I ever worked for at Dorian, they treat their employees very well.  I worked there a couple of season as a seasonal employee … it’s so sad,” former Dorian’s employee Amelia McRae said.

Dorian’s, which has been in Spokane since 1914, was moved by the Mark family into the Joel Building when they took over the business in 1971. Company owners say they do not any chemicals in the building and backs all of their work up digitally.

One major concern for Dorian’s owners that will need to be resolved as they start rebuilding their business is the upcoming picture season; Dorian’s handles all the high school pictures for the Spokane Public School system.