Dorian’s Continues Rise From Ashes

SPOKANE – Fire practically gutted the building in which Dorian’s Studios operated for nearly 40 years but less than two weeks after the fire the company is back in business.

While damage to the Joel Building is estimated at $5 Million and fire investigators have not been into the side of the building that housed Dorian’s the company has relocated its staff to a new facility.

“It’s not about the building it’s about the people and the people are still here,” Dorian’s owner Yvonne Mark said.

Mark said the company has moved out of the Joel Building to a building just south of the intersection of Lincoln and Boone near the Spokane Arena.  She says the business is back taking and retouching printing pictures just like it was before the fire.

Days after the fire a supplier drove across the country from New Jersey to bring them new machines so Dorian’s could print those pictures.

“I’m totally delighted with where things are. Every day we’re making further progress. I mean we’re up and running you can see our photos on the wall,” Mark said.

She still doesn’t know if the fire damaged building that housed the family photography business can be saved or if it must be torn down. Mark however isn’t looking at this as a tragedy but as an opportunity for a new future.

“Every day, every day we get a mini-miracle … it’s just amazing,” she said.

Next door to Dorian’s crews continue to work on repairing Churchill’s Steakhouse. The restaurant suffered severe water and smoke damage and the owners hope to re-open as soon as they can.

Meanwhile upstairs workers have completed 90-percent of the demolition to soggy and smoky new condominiums in the Lofts at Joel development. They too will be rebuilt.

Spokane Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer says the department is planning to have the building ready for investigators to be able to safely go inside and look for the fire’s cause by August 18th.