“Donut Boy” delivers sweets to Spokane law enforcement

“Donut Boy” delivers sweets to Spokane law enforcement

Spokane law enforcement had a sweet start to their week, thanks to a special delivery from fifth grader Tyler Carach, known as “Donut Boy.”

The 10-year-old boy from Florida has made it his mission to thank every police officer in the country and has been using his school breaks and summer vacation to make that goal possible.

“I’m going around thanking police officers with donuts,” Tyler Carach said.

It may sound cliche, until you find out just how far he’s gone with the idea.

“Tyler had a very specific goal,” said Tyler’s mom, Sheena Carach. “To thank every cop in America.”

By the end of the week, Tyler Carach can mark off 39 states, from his cross country tour over the past two years.

“We thought it was a great idea. He’s very passionate about it,” Sheena Carach said.

So why does he do it? That’s a question this kid was happy to answer.

“Because police officers risk their lives everyday for strangers and then also because they’re my heroes and my best friends,” Tyler Carach said.

Two years, 39 states, and more than 70,000 donuts later, these officers aren’t the only ones getting something.

“Seeing their reactions as a parent and seeing how much my son has grown as a person and how much he’s learned from being around his heroes, and he’ll be able to apply that to his life as a police officer some day. It’s totally worth it,” Sheena Carach said.

When Tyler Carach grows up, he wants to be a police officer, just like his mom was.

He’s delivering donuts to police in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming next. You can follow along with him on his adventures here.