‘Don’t have faith’: Neighbors shocked by string of shootings, demand accountability

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police are investigating five shootings across the city in just a couple hours. One woman was shot multiple times, and stray bullets hit numerous vehicles. Neighbors are frustrated to see this kind of violence in the city they love.

SPD says through the end of April, there have been 53 shootings in Spokane. Last year, during the same timeframe, there were 45 shootings. This data doesn’t include these five new shootings in May.

One neighbor’s security camera captured two cars bolting off on Monday night. In daylight, bullet holes are the first thing Mike Fagan noticed on his truck. He’s thankful his family wasn’t hurt but is shocked to see shootings like this.

“I can definitely affirm to you, this is not the Spokane I grew up in. It is not,” Fagan said.

“It’s ironic that we have a cop shop two blocks away, three blocks away and we have a drive by shooting,” Dana Marsh said. The drive-by shooting in his neighborhood woke him up.

Responding to five shootings in just two hours is a major concern for police.

“The more of those that you have in any one night, it’s just really taxing for the people involved, and it spreads the resources thin,” said Justin Lundgren, the Assistant Chief for the Spokane Police Department.

They’re trying to fill in gaps with a new violent crimes task force.

“This team will come alongside our investigative resources and be able to provide extra proactive emphasis in the field,” Lundgren said.

Neighbors would love to see something stop the crime before it happens.

“If they could get there before it happened, it would all be great,” Marsh added.

They also want to see people held accountable.

“If the police did catch the people, I’d like to know are those people going to be released in the next week or so? If so, then what did they accomplish by doing what they’re doing?” asked Terry Nichols. His family’s lived in one of the neighborhoods that was hit for decades.

“We’re going to work with other partners in the local criminal justice system, and we’re going to do the best we can to hold people accountable with the system that we have,” Lundgren said.

The system is supposed to keep people safe, but public trust is waning.

“I don’t have any faith in the system they got right now. They don’t support the police,” said Nichols.

Keeping the community safe is really everyone’s responsibility. Calling in tips, providing witness statements or security footage all help police solve these cases.

You’re encouraged to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233 if you know anything about these shootings or other crimes in the area.

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