Don’t forget these details on your wedding day

Don’t forget these details on your wedding day

While it’s easy to remember to take care of the major details of your wedding, like the dress and the cake, it can be a lot harder to remember the minor details. Make sure not to forget about these often-overlooked details on your wedding day.

Feed the vendors: When putting in your final order to the caterers, don’t forget to include all of your vendors, including the photographer, videographer and wedding planners.

Pen for the guest book: When packing the guest book to bring to your wedding venue, don’t forget to pack a pen.

Special knife for cutting the cake: If you received or bought a special knife to cut the wedding cake with, don’t forget to bring it to the venue and place it near the cake so you remember to use it.

Special glasses for bride and groom toasts: If you want to toast from special bride and groom glasses you might have received as wedding shower gifts, or that you purchased yourself, don’t forget to have them placed on the head table.

Cell phone chargers: It may sound silly, but you’re going to want to have access to your phone at some point throughout your wedding day, whether it’s for practical purposes or to take photos on. So make sure to bring your chargers with you so you can use them if needed.