Donations help service dog get surgery

Faithful dog needs help to continue serving

The Spokane community once again showed just how generous it can be by supporting an aging service dog who tore her ACL and needs and expensive surgery.

The call went out Thursday evening on KXLY4 News that the owner of 12-year-old Courtney needed help paying for the $1800 surgery. In less than 24-hours, The Garland Animal Clinic was “inundated” with calls to make donations and by Friday morning $2100 had been raised.

Bayleene Lindberg, Courtney’s owner, says she also received emails and calls from as far away as Alberta, Canada. While she knows the Spokane community is generous, she didn’t expect to reach her goal of $1800 so quickly.

The excess money will go towards a fund for future service animals who might need medical attention or surgery.