Donald Trump Jr. asks House Intel Committee to investigate leaks

Donald Trump Jr.’s attorney, on behalf of the eldest Trump son, sent a letter on Tuesday to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence requesting an investigation into leaks from his client’s interview with the committee earlier this month.

Alan S. Futerfas, who is representing Trump Jr., requested in a letter a “formal inquiry into leaks occurring during and after Mr. Trump’s December 6, 2017 interview, including whether any members or staff members of this Committee intentionally disseminated inaccurate information to the media.”

The letter cites the December 6 meeting of Trump Jr. with the House Intelligence Committee on its investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. According to the letter, Trump Jr. was assured that the meeting would remain “strictly confidential” — but he argued that incorrect information from the meeting was leaked to the media.

“While the Interview was in progress, members of the Committee and/or their staff began selectively leaking information provided during the Interview to various press outlets,” Futerfas wrote.

The letter specifically cited several instances of public comments by Democratic members of the committee as well as CNN reporting that revealed information from the interview — including a corrected report published by CNN last week that then-candidate Donald Trump and his son Trump Jr. had received an email providing a web address and decryption key that purported to provide WikiLeaks documents before the documents were publicly available.

The story was later corrected after it was discovered the date of the email was inaccurate and the actual date showed the decryption key had already been publicly shared when the email was sent.

“Certain members of this Committee and/or their staff began disseminating wildly inaccurate information concerning a September 14, 2016, 2:03 p.m. email sent to my client and others from an apparent campaign supporter named Michael Erickson,” the letter said. “Yet the information provided to CNN by members or staff of this Committee about the Erickson Email was clearly inaccurate.”

In the letter, Trump Jr., through his attorney, requested that the committee investigate whether any member or staff member leaked information about his interview.

CNN PR did not have a comment on the letter.