Dogs Man’s Best Friend, Best Medicine Too

SPOKANE — A North Spokane couple says they needed dogs to ease their sore joints and muscles, but neighbors raised the alarm that the couple had nearly 50 Chihuahuas in their home.

Until last week the couple had nearly 50 Chihuahuas at their home until their neighbors filed a complaint with Spokane Regional Animal Protection Services.

Linley Staples suffers from Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease and Osteoporosis. With pain all over her body man’s best friend became the best medicine.

She claims a doctor has prescribed twelve Chihuahuas to place on her joints and ease her suffering, but she’s not the only one that needs a lot of canines to bring her comfort. Her fiancée and 14-year-old son suffer similar pain.

“He needs 12, I need 12 and my son, he’s always had 10,” she said.

The number of dogs in her home and her bed has quickly added up. There’s 24 dogs in her bed, 35 dogs in her home and their 15 little puppies until last week. Nancy Hill with SCRAPS says when the agency responded to a neighbor complaint it was clear Linley Staples was not following county code.

“You’re allowed to have four dogs in Spokane County,” Hill said.

Hill added that Staples gave up ten of her dogs for adoption, voluntarily signing an owner release to find some of her dogs other homes. If she wants to keep the rest she’ll have to get the proper license.

“That’s what the law allows,” Nancy Hill said. “You need a commercial kennel license if you’re going to have more than eight dogs.”

Staples is now housing 20 of her dogs at her friends’ homes, keeping just five and the 15 puppies with her until the matter is resolved and the pain of this ordeal is over.

Linley Staples is now trying to get the proper licensing to keep all of her dogs and SCRAPS says she has about 30 days to do it. If she isn’t able to, SCRAPS says it will work with her to find new homes for some of her animals.