Dog tied to fence gnaws at its own leg

Dog tied to fence gnaws at its own leg
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A German shepherd who had chewed its own leg was rescued at a Brooklyn, N.Y., animal shelter, the Daily News reported.

The dog, now named Buddy, was found tied to the Animal Care Centers of NYC facility on Saturday.

“The dog was tied to the fence in front of the shelter,” Animal Control Officer Feraz Mohammed told the paper. “The dog was friendly and approachable, but when I called the kennel attendant, I saw the blood on the floor. His leg from the elbow was missing.”

Buddy had gnawed off part of his hind leg, which had atrophied.

He was badly injured after he lost his circulation in his lower leg and, apparently because of a wire that was wrapped around his leg.

The 1-year-old was rushed into surgery. His leg was repaired and he appeared to be on the mend.