Dog shot, killed after allegedly attacking neighbors


A pitbull was shot and killed by a passerby this morning after it allegedly chased and cornered a woman and her two dogs, eventually injuring one of them.

According to Lewiston Police Department Captain Roger Lanier, the dog’s owner – 33-year-old Jessica Holmes – admitted that she attempted to locate the dog after it escaped from its fence, but she couldn’t find it and went to work.

At about 8:20 a.m., LPD received a call that the dog was chasing a woman and her two dogs in an aggressive manner in the 1400 block of 9th Avenue. In an attempt to get away, the woman and her dogs went inside a kennel.

The woman had called a female friend who arrived with a handgun, but the woman could not bring herself to shoot the aggressive dog.

In the meantime, the pitbull climbed into the kennel. Lanier says a male neighbor from across the street who had responded to the commotion took the gun and fired two shots, killing the pitbull. One of the alleged victim’s dogs required stitches, according to Lanier.

Holmes was cited for having a Level II dangerous dog. She was previously cited for having a dog at large in September.

Mia Carlson, news director for KZBG in Clarkston, wrote this report.