Dog recovering after being tortured by child

Pit bull tied to pole, set on fire dies

An Oklahoma family’s dog is recovering after being tortured and beaten by a child.

News 9 in Oklahoma City reported the dachshund, named “Sprocket,” was in the backyard of his family’s Lawton home Monday evening when the brutal incidents happened.

Cameras at the family’s home caught it all while the family was away at dinner. Video shows the child beating Sprocket, slamming the dog onto the ground and throwing him into the air, News 9 reported.

The child left and returned four times, bringing a baseball bat with him on the fourth return.

Sprocket was found underneath a shed in the backyard with a rock over him. He was unable to move.

The tiny dog was rushed to a local veterinary hospital, which offered to pay the $3,000 surgery bill, something that astonished Sprocket’s owner.

“I kind of thought it was a joke to start with and I told my wife to call,” said David Winbush. “Here we are; I just can’t thank them enough.”

Vets said Sprocket has a fractured femur on one side and a tibia fibula fracture on the other side.

One of two surgeries was performed Wednesday.

Jeff Hicks, an associate veterinarian at Neel Veterinary Hospital, told News 9 that Sprocket will likely return to near full health.

“Most of the time these dogs do really well,” said Hicks. “The fact that there is not a joint involved is a nice thing. He is a young dog, so these fractures will tend to want to heal on their own.”

A GoFundMe established to help pay the vet bill had raised $8,000 in a day, and the family said they’ll donate the money, with the veterinary hospital at the top of their list.

Lawton police said they’re investigating and know the identity of the suspect.