Diving into the matchup: NMSU at Washington State

Diving into the matchup: NMSU at Washington State

At first glance, New Mexico State at Washington State looks like one-sided blowout waiting to happen. After all, the Aggies only beat one FBS school last year. But, just two years ago, they were a bowl team. Last year’s struggles didn’t have much to do with a lack of talent, Keith Osso reports.

Doug Martin: “If we don’t turn the ball over and we execute and don’t make mental errors then we’re going to be a hard team to beat, because we do have talent but that’s what’s been our Achilles heel in the past is us with self-inflicted wounds.”

Mike Leach: “They’re kind of an explosive team you know they’ve got strong fast guys and they’ve got a good scheme on offense.”

Outside of turnovers, the problem for the Aggies is stopping an Air Raid offense that they don’t see often.

Martin: “Their offense possesses some very specific problems to where your defense does have to acclimate. It’s almost like playing a wishbone team in reverse. We’ve got to change our philosophy about solely stopping the run and those type things because they’re not gonna run the ball much regardless.”

The Cougs should win this football game, but is it opening weekend, so you never really know. Mike Leach just wants his team to do what they are supposed to do, and the score should take care of itself.

Leach: “The most important thing for us is to focus on ourselves and see how much better we can get cause that’s all you can really control.”