Dishman Hills ED expresses concern for crowded parks, encourages social distancing

Dishman Hills
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The executive director of the Dishman Hills Conservancy joined a press conference with Governor Inslee on Friday, during which he encouraged outdoor recreation, but expressed concern for how crowded local parks have become. 

“The Dishman Hills Conservancy encourages outdoor recreation for exercise and mental health,” said Executive Director Jeff Lambert. “Our local trails and parks are open.” 

That said, Lambert noted a concern for recent congestion in Spokane parks.  

As the weather gets warmer and more people head outside for fresh air, Lambert encourages people to avoid driving to where they need to be. Instead, he suggested taking a walk around the block. 

If you do head to a trail, he asks that you’re patient and keep at least six feet between you and other hikers.  

Social distancing efforts across Washington prove to be working in lowering projected death rates, Inslee said. That can only continue to be the case if people remain indoors and limit contact as much as possible. 

“We can’t have people congregating in large numbers,” said Inslee, referencing why so many parks have closed statewide. 

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