Dick’s Sporting Goods announces they won’t sell firearms to anyone younger than 21

In announcing that Dick’s Sporting Goods would no longer sell firearms to anyone younger than 21, they also announced the company would no longer sell assault-style weapons, high capacity magazines and that they would never sell bump stocks.

The announcement was met with passionate reactions from both supporters of the companies decision and those opposed.

“I’m glad to see that and much more needs to be done,” said Sue Ellingson.

“If you can be 18 and serve our country, you should be able to buy a weapon,” said Kendall Boots.

“I think they are going about it in a way that I don’t agree with,” said Hannag Berg, “but ultimately I think its great they are trying to do something.

Dick’s CEO announced the changes were catalyzed by the survivors of the Parkland school shooting.

“If these kids are brave enough to do what they are doing we should be brave enough to take a stand, and that is what we are doing,” said Ed Stack.

He says the possibility of losing money was outweighed by what company leaders hope will be a safer country.

He also said the decision was spurred on by the fact that the alleged Parkland shooter had purchased a shotgun from the company, prior to the shooting. The gun wasn’t used in the shooting, but it could have been.

When noting the company had done everything by the book and the shooter was able to legally buy the gun from them, they think the business changes are the right move.

The CEO is also calling upon elected leaders to pass common sense gun laws.

The changes took effect Wednesday and include the Spokane Valley location.