Despite Losing Gear One Team Plays On

SPOKANE — Despite having thousands and thousands of dollars in gear stolen, the coaches of the River City River Cats youth baseball team are proud of their team for staying focused on their love of the game.

The Cats, a group of young baseball players from sixth to eighth grade, proved that you don’t need fancy equipment to play the game like a professional.

“A lot of these kids lost $1,000 to $2,000 of their own personal gear and there using mom’s softball glove that she had when she was in high school and they’re loving the game,” said River Cats Head Coach Travis Young.

A total of fifteen thousand dollars in baseball gear, pretty much everything this ball club had to play a sport they love, was allegedly stolen last weekend. The team’s trailer, packed full of their gear, taken over Labor Day weekend.

“It had everything, pitching machines batting nets helmets bats balls,” said Jace Beach.

The team was left with the task of re-equipping themselves at the last minute.

“We picked up some gear at garage sales and we are buying old used baseballs for $0.10 and $0.05 a ball,” said Young.

What’s even harder than having to scrounge up gear is trying to figure out why or who would steal from a bunch of kids who just want to play America’s favorite past-time.

“It baffles me, I couldn’t even tell you,” said Beach.

The River Cats are scheduled to play in a tournament in Arizona, but now on top of raising money to go, they are faced with having to come up with new gear. Two challenges one of their many supporters says the boys will take on without a complaint.

“You could steal the clothes off these kids’ back and they would put together some form of a baseball game,” said Young.

Coaches say the trailer was six feet by ten feet, white and with a giant blue dot that had the team’s logo on it. They’re asking anyone who spots the trailer to contact police.