Police: Man at center of Post Falls standoff has died, sergeant shot is recovering

POST FALLS, Idaho — The man at the center of a standoff in Post Falls on Tuesday night has died. 

The Post Falls Police Department has not identified the man, but said one of their sergeants was shot while trying to serve a warrant to 53-year-old Thomas W. Boland.

Records show Bolland lives on the same block of S. Bentley where this man was found dead inside the home.

The injured sergeant was identified as 36-year-old Justin Anderson.

Police said Anderson came into contact with a man near S. Bentley Place and both fired shots. Anderson told dispatch he had been shot below his bulletproof vest as the man ran back into a home.

Additional officers responded to the scene and Anderson was taken to Kootenai Health where he was rushed into surgery. He is expected to make a full recovery and will likely be in the hospital for a week.

“The physician said Justin must have abs of steel, and I said why is that? he said well the bullet looks like it hit one of his abs and took a different direction,” Post Falls police said.

As Anderson was being treated for his injuries, the man barricaded himself inside the home, refusing to come out.

That’s when police used the help of neighbors houses to get a better view of the man.

“They borrowed my chainsaw, and cut a hole through the fence and cut down some branches, so they could have a clear shot through the guys window,
neighbor Randy Geren said.

The Geren family lives right behind where the shooting happened. They described it as a terrifying night.

In fact, police also had to use their bedroom and their roof. This also happened while their daughter was home alone.

Police ended up evacuating that family and seven other families to a nearby Red Lion Hotel.

After several hours, authorities learned the man was dead inside the house. Several guns were found inside the home and one was laying next to him.  It is unclear how exactly he died and his identity will be released at a later time.