Democrats, Republicans Hold Caucuses Saturday In Washington

SEATTLE (AP) — State Democratic Party Chairman Dwight Pelz and Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser say the attention from Super Tuesday will likely result in a record turnout Saturday for Washington’s caucuses.

The political excitement also is likely to boost the turnout for the Feb. 19 state primary.

Washington has 80 Democratic delegates at stake in the caucuses. The party also will send 17 “superdelegates” to the nominating convention. These are elected Democrats and party leaders who won’t have to commit to a particular candidate.

Republicans will use the caucuses to determine about half of their 37 delegates and the primary the other half. The GOP has three superdelegates.

People interested in attending a party caucus can find the locations by checking with the Democrats and Republicans. The meetings begin at 1 in the afternoon. You’ll have to sign an oath promising you’ll vote on only one party.